The Christmas season can often feel like anything but peace. Not just because of the hustle and bustle but because of the difficult and painful things we’ve experienced that we’re reminded of during Christmas. But if you’re a follower of Jesus, here’s what Jesus was ultimately pointing to: Regardless of what you’re going without in this time, draw your attention to whom is within in this time.

Peace comes not by resolving the problems of the present, but by resting in the promise of his presence.

The good news of the first Christmas as you spend this first Christmas without, if you’ll lean into the promise of his presence within you, God in you will be enough, and you can have true peace.

Please pray for the following prayer requests below as they come from people who want others to pray with them...pray that they may rest in the promise of God's presence within them, and they may experience his peace.

Prayer requests

  • That my faith will be strengthened and that I would and will share that faith with all people in my walk on this earth.
  • New job opportunities for some of our family members.
  • Help me to share your peace with others! Not just at Christmas, but throughout the year.
  • Financial freedom, health and recovery, the wisdom to make decisions, spiritual growth, profession insight/wisdom, marriage and family closeness.
  • The loneliness I feel.
  • For life, health and happiness.
  • Patience and understanding, decision-making skills, parenting guidance.
  • That I can help bring salvation within my family.
  • For health (understanding the problem and treatment), job situations, moving.
  • My health.
  • My spiritual needs.
  • That my eyes will last as I have macular degeneration.
  • Repairing and restoring relationship with my son, God’s will be done, retirement.
  • That I can tend to my immediate family.
  • That I can help with my family members returning to faith.
  • To help my family believe and follow you – that they may grow in you. That my illness might go away.
  • That I may help with my mom’s mental and physical health. That I can help bring more tolerance in my community. More acceptance of compromise and less of me.
  • Give me peace and patience and strength in the time of family illness.
  • My fear/dread of dying.
  • The Lord’s continued guidance.
  • The acceptance of Jesus is my life to work his will and not question.
  • That I can continue in these coming months knowing that God is directing my way forward.
  • First Christmas without our son.